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Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet Banner (C)1998 Terry A. Gray

Welcome to the latest edition of Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet.  Newcomers should read the Introduction for an explanation of the way things are arranged.  Old timers should read What's News each visit for highlights and new features.

This site attempts two things: 

   To be a complete annotated guide to the scholarly Shakespeare resources available on Internet. The navigation menu at left appears on each major page. Use it to access the resources indexed here.  The "Other" Sites page is a definite exception to the term "scholarly."  Our newest feature is a listing of Shakespeare Festivals.

   To present new Shakespeare material unavailable elsewhere on the Internet, such as

A Shakespeare Timeline, which gives the key events of Shakespeare's life and work along with related documentary evidence.   There are several supporting pages to the timeline:
A Shakespeare genealogy. A chart showing the relevant family relationships and dates.
A Shakespeare Timeline  Summary Chart, showing the events of Shakespeare's life in outline along with important contemporary events and publications.
A Shakespeare Biography Quiz. If you are brave enough, you may take the quiz before reading the timeline.
The Shakespeare Canon.
Rowe's Some Account of the Life &c. of Mr. William Shakespeare, prefaced to his 1709 edition of the Works.
Charles and Mary Lamb's Tales From Shakespeare.
The Prefatory materials from the First Folio.

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